Our Designs

Design is where it all starts. We specialize in creating spaces that enrich the spirit and embrace the whole spectrum of family lifestyle needs.

At K. Streu Homes we believe there is an intrinsic connection between thoughtful design and a healthy, balanced lifestyle. By studying the rhythms of our daily lives – from eating to sleeping to entertaining to spending a quiet moment alone – we incorporate a sensitivity into our design that nourishes and sustains the human spirit.

When you walk into a K. Streu Home, there’s a certain energy that embraces you and makes you feel welcome. We have years of experience in perfecting homes that have that special feeling.

We also recognize the importance of creating a synergy with the surrounding terrain. We carefully place homes within the existing contours of the land, keeping in mind people’s need for privacy yet acknowledging their craving of companionship.

Meeting the individual needs of our clients is our priority. Our goal is to make the experience of building your home both rewarding and enjoyable for many years after the last nail is driven.

Contact us today to discuss your desires regarding your dream home.